Hier findet ihr alle Templates aus dem Digital Innovation Playbook

Create methods

Here you can find all templates of the Create module. In the Create module we do not use templates as often as in the Explore and Evaluate modules. In general, there are two different types of methods for developing a solution: discursive and intuitive. Probably the best known of all intuitive methods is "brainstorming" (Method 1). Discursive methods describe the opposite of intuitive methods. They provide a framework in advance. In this playbook, for example, this is TRIZ (method 8). Here we give ourselves (from experience) meaningful categories in which we develop ideas. The advantage of discursive methods is that we can know exactly what we are looking for. This also means that we run the risk of not discovering new directions. For this reason, we always recommend using a mix of discursive and intuitive methods. The discursive methods help to find a good starting point for the project and to cover the relevant categories. The intuitive methods allow us to think one step ahead and find the unobvious.

Idea Tower

Create method 3

We use the Idea Tower method to further shape our first ideas. We take turns in additing new elements and ideas in order to erect a “tower” of ideas

Collective notebook

Create method 4

The Collective Notebook is our personal, creative trial room and knowledge store where we can take our liberty.

Jobs to be done

Create method 7

Jobs to be done help us to find out at different levels why users deside in favor of a specific product.


Create method 8

The TRIZ is a method originated in engineering. TRIZ means analogously “theory for resotion of invention problems”.

Kill your Company

Create method 9

With this method we want to answer the following question: If we were a StartUp how would we attack our own company.

The Evaluation Matrix

Create Method 10

With the help of the evaluation matrix, we make a first assessment of our ideas so that we can better compare and classify them.

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