Here you can find all the templates from the Digital Innovation Playbook


We want to help companies to put innovation right on their feet! Therefore, we not only describe how innovation development is made possible by our Innovation Board and our methods, but also provide guidance from our experience on how the internal connection of the innovation nucleus to the rest of the company must be designed, so that the results do not end up in the drawer disappear. You can find the matching templates for the methods from our book here.


Frame Method

To set the roles, we set up a project setup before starting the project. We will not start until we have clarified roles with the team.

Project Planing & Milestones

Frame Method

Milestones are used to monitor or control the team with the help of steering workshops or hand-over workshops.

Dark Horse Innovation enables organizations to utilize the market potentials of the digital age. We create user-centered products and services and transform structures, processes and minds to empower our clients to be more innovative.

The digital age constantly and rapidly revolutionizes how we work and live, consume and even love. Products and services and users‘ interpretations of them are increasingly intertwined and connected. Successful brands interact with their customers and quickly identify and create opportunities to innovate. The rules of the game are changing all the time. We thrive on that change.